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Speculate – the Ryan Carlisle Thomas Lawyers student blog

Speculate is a new digital forum for legal students throughout Victoria who wish to contribute short blogs expressing their views about the law in society.

Each fortnight, our editorial committee of young lawyers will select what they regard to be the best blog entry for publication and promotion on our legal website.

The author of the selected blog will receive a payment of $250.

Your blog should be opinionated, reform-minded, and written in plain English. 

We would only ask that your select a topic that falls broadly within our areas of expertise which are: workplace injury and rights, industrial and employment law, institutional and sexual abuse, road injury rights, and relationship or family law.

Why are we doing this?

For more than 40 years, our firm has been strong advocate for the legal and industrial rights of working people. As part of our commitment to social justice, we aim to keep people informed of developments in the law and policy issues that may affect their daily lives. We hope that your blogs will help us shed light on areas of interest to the broader community.

We wish to encourage the next generation of lawyers to air their views on areas of the law that matter. Our blog site will offer a welcoming environment in which can students share their ideas and explore their interests on topics that may not be readily discussed in a university environment.

You will also gain valuable blogging experience for a reputable Victorian law firm.

We look forward to reading your submissions.

For further information on Speculate, including advice on topic selection, editorial guidelines and payment, visit...

Submit your blog here: speculate@rct-law.com.au

What do I Speculate about in the guest student blog?

We have selected broad areas of the law from which you can choose your own topic to write.

These represent areas of expertise within our own firm.

We only ask that you express your own views, that they be informed, and hopefully topical.

Here are some subject areas with examples of matching topics. But we encourage you to choose your own.

Relationship and family law

  • Do IVOs protect victims of domestic violence?
  • Marriage equality - is it simply a legal issue?

Transport accident law

  • Does the law do enough to protect cyclists?
  • Does the growth in public transport present a challenge to injury compensation?

Employment law

  • Is the law failing to protect casual and younger workers? (eg the Grill’d case)
  • How should social media be regulated in the workplace?

Workplace injury

  • Are volunteers covered by WorkSafe, and should they be?
  • Are the workplace compensation rights of independent contractors being neglected?

Industrial law - the Fair Work Act

  • Would the proposed Free Trade Agreement create two classes of workers?
  • Should penalty rates be protected under law?